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  Zirconium Shandong Lei Bao Technology Co., Ltd. R & D Center, founded in 2001, is Zibo City, Shandong Province High-tech R & D center. After ten years of innovation and development, this technology R & D center has developed into a key national research institutions, serving ultra-high purity refractory materials, refractory products of high purity, high density powder, ultra-high-temperature furnace materials. Strong R & D team, including doctors, professors Engineering, Master over, and also hired a senior expert in the industry, research institutes professor. Technology research and development center each year from the introduction of high-tech talent and colleges to enhance the company's R & D team. Advanced technology R & D center and testing equipment, complete R & D strength. And developed a number of national patents prepared.

  Zirconium Shandong Lei Bao Jian Technology Co., Ltd. Currently there are industry-leading test center, equipped with electron microscopy , laser particle size analyzer , spectrophotometer and other sophisticated detection equipment , the company also actively with the Chinese Academy of Sciences , University of Jinan , Shandong Polytechnic University and other universities and research institutes conduct technical exchanges and technical cooperation to promote Bao Lei, the company's technology , research and development , quality development .
Zirconium Shandong Lei Bao Technology Co., Ltd. from ordinary skill in leadership attaches great importance to technological innovation , technological innovation to develop a good working atmosphere . The company attaches great importance to R & D investment , the annual investment in R & D expenses are met or exceeded 6 percent year sales revenue, enterprises have become the subject of investment , innovation and the application of the main body , the result of the enterprise technology investment of new products each year to maintain the contribution rate at 55% , effectively ensuring the sustained and rapid development of the enterprise .
  Zirconium Shandong Lei Bao Technology Co., Ltd. has developed the overall business development strategy , adhere to the leading technology, relying on quality and development, human resources support, advanced design and manufacturing equipment as a means to make the whole process of product development high level, high reliability goals , design and development of high-tech products reached the international advanced level. Efforts to produce a generation , prototype generation , research and idea generation to generation .

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